Scheduling Relaxation and Self-care

To the high-achievers challenged with living in the moment, this is a reminder to take the time for yourself. This is a lesson that, time and time again, I have to remind myself. I am a person who has a hard time relaxing when I have tasks left on my to-do list. I am not alone with the struggle to relax. A hard-working attitude is not a bad thing, but getting caught up in a fast-paced life can bring unwanted stress. This causes me to burn out quickly and overextend myself until I am exhausted or get sick. These habits are not beneficial to our personal well-being, health, or academic success. Our personal health and academic success affect each other. This is why we need balance and to prioritize both our ‘to-do list’ and our ‘I want to list’. However, this does not mean procrastinate or don’t put in the hours for your school work.

I have found that scheduling relaxation and self-care is a great way to ensure you get the time to relax. Plan an evening or a day to spend on activities you want to do instead of things you have to do. Take the time for yourself and you will see that you will be more positive, focused and excited to learn. If you don’t take that extra time to pause from a hectic life, you will dread the things that usually make you happy, everything will seem like a chore and you will lose the day-to-day enjoyment. This is easier said than done, but I cannot emphasize the importance of self-care enough. It will improve confidence, positivity and reduce stress. Learn to live in the moment and progressively check off the to-do list. Just because you have a few essays and assignments to write does not mean you have to get them all done at once. Organize the time to steadily work on projects and, when your schedule permits, allow for the necessary ‘me’ time.

– Lindsay