Oh, Reading Week…every student’s favourite time of the year! Whether you are one of the lucky ones travelling this break, heading home to the family or staying in The Bay, dedicate this week to YOU! Being in 4th year, I’ve learned that I cannot cram the rest of my readings for the semester into one week, or finish all my assignments. I’ve learned how important it is to take a step back and take this week to do what you need.

One of my favourite things to do over Reading Week is to spend time with my loved ones. I love to catch up in person, eat HOME-COOKED MEALS, and just chat for hours with my family. There is nothing like going from phone calls and FaceTime to seeing my family in person.

Whether you are a dog lover or a cat lover, or any other type of pet lover, take this week to remind them you will be home soon. For me, I have 3 dogs, all of which I count down the minutes until I see them again during my next time home. My family will find me snuggling with them all week, enjoying their company. Don’t forget to take this time to recharge to push you through the rest of the semester with your family, friends and even pets. We are so close…I can see the finish line for all of us!

I also like to spend time in the city that I call home. It’s always nice to drive around your hometown and remind yourself of some of your favourite things to do when you are home. This is a great opportunity to remind yourself of all the fun things you can do this summer when you’re home!

How could I forget, this is also a great week to get caught up on any shows, finish a season or even start a new one. My sister and I love to spend some of the days on Reading Week watching movies or starting a season together (even if she doesn’t continue to watch when she goes back to school).

Whether you want to read, relax, catch up, or even travel, you do you! Take this time to recharge, snuggle your pets, and enjoy your family and friends! Try not to worry about all the assignments, readings or midterms. You got this!


– Jaana