Teachers College Here I Come!

Well, with my final few weeks here at Nipissing, it’s time I did a self-reflection of the best four years of my life. Reading Week has just passed, and that means there is only a few more weeks of school before I can call myself a Nipissing University Graduate – but the best part is that I get to come back for more! I’ve had so many amazing memories here, and I’m so excited to see what the future two years have in store.

Earlier this week, I received my official acceptance letter to Nipissing’s two-year Bachelor of Education program and I was so excited I nearly cried. All my life my parents had told me how competitive teachers college was to be accepted to, and here in my hands was my official letter. It was basically a dream come true. Not only to me, but to my weeping parents on the other end of the phone when I told them the good news! Now I can officially start planning my career as a future teacher.

On a side note, I’m extremely happy I was accepted to Nipissing for teacher’s college because it is one of the best education programs in all of Ontario – so huge score there for me! But not only is Nipissing good for its post-graduate education program, it’s good for any undergraduate program as well! When I was in grade twelve and trying to pick a university to go to, I almost chose Brock over Nipissing. Looking back at my life today, I’m sure as heck glad I chose to go up north. Trying to think about how different my life would be today makes me a little sad, because I’m so proud of what I have accomplished here in my four years. I’ve made lifelong friends (I know, it’s cheesy because everyone says you’re going to make lifelong friends in university, but trust me, you really do), I’ve gained more hands-on and educational experience than I think I could ever ask for in a small classroom setting, and I’ve made professional relationships with my educators which is promoting future networking opportunities.

I’m really glad that I picked the Bachelor of Physical and Health Education program, and honestly I have to thank my mom for that one. She told me all about this program when I was younger, and that is how I picked my high school courses to adequately prepare me for applications to university. For someone like me who is extremely active in sports and physical activity, it was a great choice going into the BPHE program and getting a well deserved break from the classroom lecture setting and going into the gym to practice how to teach sports. Again, for my future career as a teacher, I could not be more prepared to teach any sport, to any age, of any population.

All in all, I’m glad I chose Nipissing. I just want to thank this university for giving me the best four years of my life. The teachers were beyond helpful, they all know me by name! My program is very small, maybe 65 people if we’re lucky, so I got to know everyone in my year, (again where the lifelong friends comes into play) and I’ve gained experience that I didn’t think I would in an undergrad.

Thanks for everything, Nipissing! I’m excited to start my second chapter with you September 2017, B.Ed edition.

– Alexis