I’m almost done my Undergraduate Degree

It seems surreal that my undergraduate degree will soon be finished. My life is definitely in a completely different place than I ever imagined it would be four years ago. First, I am in a relationship. We are just celebrating three years living together and we adopted a dog last summer. I also don’t have any specific job plans after I graduate and I am not planning on immediately pursuing a post-graduate education. Those two things were what I always worried about all through high school and partially into my undergraduate degree.

I was the typical perfectionist, getting straight A’s and not breaking any rules, back in high school. I was tough-minded and never thought I would even date too much in university. The past four years have impacted my life and changed my perspectives drastically. There are so many things I have chosen to do that would have never been choices I would’ve thought possible or that I would’ve even made back in high school.

It feels weird that my entire life has just consisted of education up to this point. This September is going to feel weird when the school busses come back, and university and college students return, and nothing changes for me.

The one thing I have seen with everyone I have known since first year, is that the first few years of your life after high school are very impactful on the rest. This is the first time you have complete freedom (if you move out) and so many people choose to do so many different things with that freedom (good and bad). I have become a very different person compared to who I used to be. High school forms your personality, but adulthood really chips the corners away and defines it. The decisions made after high school are now lasting. They don’t go away easily. But just because decisions can be permanent, this does not mean you should not take risks. The biggest thing elders say they regret is not doing things— essentially, people have more regrets for what they didn’t do, than what they did.

I feel like there is a weight about to come off of my shoulders. I have loved learning what I have learned in my undergrad and I have had both good times and bad, but accomplishing something like a four year degree is going to be a huge weight off of me, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

– Sarah