Embrace Challenges

If school was easy, then where would the challenge be? The obvious goal of post-secondary education is to prepare yourself for your future career. In the process, you want to evolve and learn. To do so, I have learned not to compare my academic success to that of others.

Every student will reach a roadblock at some point in their academic career. The first step to overcoming academic barriers is to focus on your personal goals. Every student should accept where they stand academically and the challenges that are barriers to their success. Are you limiting your achievement because of time-management and/or organization, or are you struggling with the way you approach each assignment? Every student is different and everyone thinks and lives differently. Figure out what works best for you, so that you can succeed with minimal stress. We all come from different backgrounds of education and lifestyle. Take your past studies and learn how to get to the level you want to be today, in a way that works best for you. I’ve spent too much time comparing myself to other peoples’ success. I’ve realized that to get where I want to be I need to re-evaluate my life instead of comparing it to others.

– Lindsay