To Take a Summer Course or Not?

As summer is on the horizon, it’s hard not think about what it will be like to not have to open a textbook or log onto Blackboard for another 4 months. However, with summer approaching, spring and summer courses are also opening. I know that you may be thinking, “well I passed all my classes, why would I take summer courses?” Here are 5 reasons why you should consider a spring or summer online course:


  1. Lighten Your Course Load: it is easier to balance one class in the spring/summer and it will lighten your course load during the school year when you have more commitments, more classes and less time.
  2. Can be Done Anywhere: Readings aren’t so bad when they can be done while tanning by the pool.
  3. Better Marks: Whether it is an easy elective that can be done to lighten your course load next year or that mandatory course that you just want to get out of the way, only taking one course usually allows you to focus more and therefore achieve a higher mark in it.
  4. Shorter Classes: classes during the summer last much shorter than classes during the school year. Take a summer class and get it out of the way in less time, it is easier to remember material from 6 weeks ago rather than 12 weeks ago.
  5. Can be Done Anytime: although there are still timelines and deadlines to be met, course work and readings can be done after work, before work or on a day off.

– Mikayla