Reading Week Regrets

So, it’s that time of year where 98% of students are feeling the weight of regret after not accomplishing that long to-do list we optimistically made at the beginning of Reading Week. As that guilt sets in, professors are reminding us that we’re in our final 5 weeks of the semester – cue panic. The good thing is that many of us are in the same boat and there are tons of strategies, resources, and tools to make the best out of the next month!

Here are some of the ones I find both useful and am currently using:

  1. Forgive yourself.

Dwelling on how much better off you would currently be if you had tackled your Reading Week to-do list is a waste of time and energy. Accept that you needed some recharging time over the break and refocus your thoughts, emotions, and actions towards a game plan on how to deal with your current situation.

“Don’t stumble over something that’s behind you.”

  1. Form a game plan.

First, put every test, assignment, quiz, and final that you have coming up in the next month into a calendar. Whether it’s on your phone, physical wall calendar, or agenda it’ll ease your mind knowing you aren’t forgetting any due dates.

Second, make a list of all the tasks you need to do in the next week to prepare for those deadlines, catch up on readings, make notes, and/or work on a paper or project.

Third, map out your work. Assign a task from that list to a specific day in your week and write that down in your calendar to hold yourself accountable.

If organization isn’t your forte or you’re new to that kind of strategy– make an appointment with Student Learning and Transitions to make a study schedule or utilize their drop-in hours for some tips and tricks!

  1. Turn off distractions and get to work.

Technology provides access to hours of distractions at our fingertips. So, it’s important to limit the temptation! As someone who has little self-control when it comes to social media, I tend to choose strategies that make procrastination not an option.

  • Delete all social media from your phone
  • Log out of all the automatic logins saved in your browser
  • Airplane mode/Do Not Disturb features on your phone to limit notifications
  • Try out some anti-procrastination apps
    • SelfControl App (Mac OS)
    • Focus Lock (Android)
    • Freedom (Mac OS, PC, Android, IOS)
    • ColdTurkey (Mac OS, PC, Android)

Best of luck, Lakers! We can do this!

— Abbey