Time for Reflection

Congratulations: only 3 more weeks and then classes are over! Then you have almost all of April off to relax before summer jobs start…well, unless you want to study for exams, I guess. This blog is intended to make you reflect on this past school year and see what you liked and what you would like to change for next year (if anything).

I remember after my first year I had many thoughts floating around in my head such as, Do I like my program? Can I see myself doing a career in this field for the rest of my life? Will I even be able to get a job in my field?

Judging by Google’s top 20 searches made during the 2015-2016 Academic school year, I was not alone in having this thought process. Number 5 on the list was “how to drop out of school and still get rich?” and number 12 was “how to tell my parents I quit university?”

Anyways, back to my point: University is a big adjustment and at times can be scary, and therefore it is normal to occasionally have these thoughts. So looking back on this school year ask yourself: Did I have as much fun as I thought I would? Have I made some really good friends yet? Did I do as well as I hoped? and Do I like my program? It’s okay if you answered no to any, or in fact all of these, but now is the time to address what you plan to do differently. If you take some time to reflect on your past year and think about what you hope to do differently next year, I guarantee you will have a great next year!

Also if you are considering if you want to change your major or minor it’s no big deal and academic advising can help you a ton! Also, here is a link to a quiz you can do that will tell you if you are in the right program: https://www.topuniversities.com/blog/which-subject-should-you-really-be-studying – FYI, I’m not sure how accurate it is…it said I should be in computer programing, but I still struggle trying to post these blogs on this website.

– Ian