Do I Need a Crystal Ball or is My Future Crystal Clear?

All that my friends and I have been able to talk about lately is the prospect of finishing third year this year – and finally moving into fourth year and finishing our undergraduate degrees. I have one particular group of friends that have been together since our first few days in first year – but the five of us are all headed in different directions next year: law school, graduate school, nursing, teacher’s college, and pursuing an MBA. Regardless, we’re all feeling the pressure that comes with each passing day to decide how next year will play out.

However, it’s a challenge to remind myself that while this upcoming year will be incredibly difficult, it will also be full of amazing opportunities that I’m excited to take on. For example, I’m travelling to Europe this summer for a month – two weeks with Nipissing’s History Department for an experimental learning course, and two weeks backpacking by myself! I also begin my first year as a Residence Don this August, which I could not be more excited about as I have worked for Nipissing’s Residences in several different capacities throughout my three years here. Of course, there’s also honours seminars and hopefully a thesis to tackle, and carefully picking out graduate school programs for fall 2018!

As stressful as it all seems right now, I cannot be more excited for fourth year, even though the prospect of finishing my undergraduate degree and potentially leaving Nipissing definitely makes me more than a little bit upset. I know that wherever I end up going, I’ll make it where I want to be in the end.

Well, this is my last blog post for the year! Its been a great time friends! Thanks for sticking with me throughout the year and reading my innermost musings.

Signing off,

– Maddy