One Step at a Time

It’s that time of the year again where summer can seem far out of sight, but I wanted to remind my fellow Lakers that you are not alone and we are getting to the end of the semester soon! Here are a few reminders that you are doing better than you may think!

1. You got out of bed today

I know this may seem like something so simple, but for some it can be difficult. I applaud you, with rainy days on campus it can be even more difficult to motivate yourself to get to school or study, so take mini victories! And for those who made their bed, double high fives!

2. The little things

This is something that you may be doing without even realizing it! Appreciating that warm tea or coffee this morning, or holding the door for a fellow student can go a long way. It’s the little things that make the biggest difference. So be proud of yourself for making it to the library, studying with some friends and getting to class!

3. You are loved…SO MUCH

People appreciate you and you make a difference! Having conversations with roommates, friends, and family will remind you how many people are supporting you and that you are not alone on this journey. Appreciate the people around you because I can tell you that they appreciate you!

4. You are working towards a goal

As tough as it may be right now with the breakdowns and the all-nighters, the hard work WILL pay off! Remind yourself on those tough days that you will succeed. Nipissing has offered us all an opportunity so keep your goal in sight because every course, assignment, and midterm makes us one step closer to reaching it.

5. Progress

I want you to take a step back right now and think about how far you have come. Whether you have just looked at an assignment, finally understand what it is asking, begin it or even finish it, it is progress! Every page and hour of your time you spend on it makes a difference! Every time I have a tough day and feel like I was reading the same page for hours, my dad reminds me that I am one step closer to being done compared to when I started it…. Simple but true. Appreciate every bit of progress you make because it all adds up!

Next time you are having a tough time seeing the finish line, remind yourself that you are doing the best you can. Believe in yourself, be proud of yourself and take credit for those mini victories!

Keep Smiling Lakers,

– Jaana