English Courses You May Not Know About!

The English Department here at Nipissing offers a wonderful array of courses every year, but did you know that every other year some pretty wicked classes are revived? Here are four courses that are offered every other year that are pretty spectacular:

  1. ENGL 2015: This is a theatre production class! The class runs all year (September-April) and is honestly my favourite course that I’ve ever taken here at the university. The professor, Rod Carley, is absolutely amazing and from day one he made all of us feel welcome and like we were in a safe space. This course is unique because in first semester you will perform a variety of individuals skits & monologues to learn some of the key practices and techniques used in acting. I want to point out that this is an acting appreciation course which means that they are not expecting you to be the next Leonardo DiCaprio or Jennifer Aniston. During the second semester you will work alongside your classmates to put on a production of a play! How fun is that?!
  2. ENGL 2001: This course is titled ‘Sex, Death and Textuality,’ but guess what it is actually about every other year?! HARRY POTTER! That’s right, kids. You heard me right. You can earn three credits (however, they do count as elective credits and not towards your English degree). This course is actually one of the reasons I decided to attend Nipissing University (which, if you know me, won’t come as a surprise at all). Professor Sarah Winters generally teaches this course when it is offered. She is a great lecturer (although, she can be a hard marker at times), and she is totally cool and into things like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and other wonderful fandoms.
  3. & 4. ENGL 3516 and ENGL 3517 are both creative writing classes! 3516 is a poetry creative writing course and 3517 is a prose (short story, novel, etc) writing course. I haven’t actually had the pleasure to take this course yet but I have heard nothing but amazing things from friends who have. Both of these courses are usually small (with only 15 spots) and you have to send in a writing portfolio to the professor before you can register for the course. But don’t let that deter you! Although there are only 15 spots in the course, last year when it was offered there weren’t even that many students enrolled, so you have a pretty good shot at getting accepted. This could be a really nice course to take to get some english credits but not have to write traditional essays!

Be sure to check when you are enrolling for classes if any of these four courses will be offered that academic year.

ENGL 2015 & ENGL 2001 will NOT be offered next year (2017/2018) as they were offered this year.

ENGL 3516 & 3517 WILL both be offered next year (2017/20178) as they were not this year.

– Destiny