Student Financials

Busy people can tend to forget to pay close attention to their finances.You should pay close attention to the way you spend money, invest and the scholarships and bursaries available for students. As students, we actually reap a lot of financial benefits that are not available to the general adult public. For me, I was not aware of some of the financial resources available through Nipissing University or the bank. It is important to take control of your finances and learn skills to work towards your financial future. Many people are in the dark about credit cards, building credit and the different savings plans available to us. For people with little to no business or economic education or their parents haven’t shown them about their accounts, take charge of your personal banking. Some banks have budgeting apps linked to your account. Other apps can be downloaded to help. They can categorize your spending habits and let you know where you spend your money the most. Organizing spending habits will allow the stress to roll away and help your savings roll in. Research what is available to you and the best ways to manage your money. For some people, finances can be daunting or stressful but it is just a matter of staying organized, being aware of your spending habits and gaining more knowledge of financial planning. As undergrad students, we are constantly learning how to “adult” properly. Learning how to manage your own finances is a crucial skill that will constantly evolve as you grow older. My advice is to be vigilant and controlled when it comes to spending, saving and investing. With tax season arriving, this is the perfect time to get your house in order! Start the spring off right by creating new budgeting goals for yourself.

– Lindsay