The Final Push

With April just around the corner it is only normal that students begin to become more stressed out with thought of their upcoming exams. While this is normal and can help motivate you to do your best, it is also important that you remember to take some time for yourself. Your mental health is important, and that should not be forgotten.

Ensuring that you continue to eat and get enough sleep are essential during these times. If you find it’s hard to get all your studying done while trying to still achieve these goals, try using an agenda/planner to plan your study times out. It’s also important to take breaks, so have a bubble bath or go see a movie. If you can’t concentrate, chances are you aren’t absorbing the information you’re studying.

Nipissing students have a great advantage in this area. Our student union works hard to combat mental health and raise awareness. They regularly have programs and even the occasional stress relief kit to help you out. Can’t find a program? Head down to the NUSU office and talk to them about it, there’s always a friendly face waiting to help you.

The most important thing to remember is that you’re not alone. Everyone at some point in their lives will likely deal with their own mental health issues. Never be afraid to talk about it!

Good luck! 🙂

– Courtney