When people ask me what program I’m taking in university, I am always so excited to tell them that I am a psychology major. Choosing psychology as my major has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made. Believe it or not, psychology can relate to everything and anything; whether you are interested in teaching, life development, law, art, the brain, behaviour and so much more, psychology could be the major for you!

Here are a couple reasons of why psychology may be the program for you:

1. Career Options

One of the best things about a psychology degree is that it can open opportunities for you through a variety of careers. You are able to design your education and degree to focus on your areas of interest. This can include taking a variety of classes that range from clinical psychology, sports psychology, health psychology, social psychology, personality, psychopathology and cognitive psychology! These classes can prepare you for your area of interest and for a career based off of your interests. Psychology also relates to many careers as it gives you a wide background of knowledge.

2. Learn more about yourself and others

My favourite part about being a fourth-year psychology student is the amount of information that I have learned about myself. The amount I have learned about others and myself is endless…I have learned about the way my mind works, my emotions and even why others as well as myself behave in certain situations. I have also learned about personalities and how they make us who we are. If you have ever wondered what makes people “them” and why they behave in certain ways, then this is the major you!

3. It’s so rewarding!

If you are the type of person who loves to break down problems (like me) then psychology may be your degree. Not only does this major allow you to solve and analyze behaviour, the mind and theories, psychology also focuses on helping people to resolve any problems that they may be experiencing. If you have ever dreamed of how to make a difference in other people’s lives, psychology allows you to do this. Psychologists, therapists, teachers and other community services can all stem from a psychology degree!

I honestly cannot say enough positive remarks about psychology. It has allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of the human mind and behaviour. Having the opportunity to learn about a helping profession has made me a better person in every way possible. I am passionate about making a difference in people’s lives with the goal of increasing their well-being. Every psychology class I have taken has taught me so much more about the field and I am so proud to be a psychology major! Choosing a major is important and takes time – I hope that you find one and love it just as much as I love mine! Believe in yourself and your dreams, do what you love and the rest will fall into place.

Til next time,

– Jaana