Studying: Where and How

It’s that time of the semester where everyone is overwhelmed by last minute essays and studying. It is now that you most need to focus, but are least able to, thanks to all the pressure bearing down as the year comes to an end. Here I want to offer some suggestions of the best places and techniques to help you finish all those assignments and begin the studying process.

  1. The Silent Worker

For many people studying and writing needs to be done in an environment that feels professional and has little to no distractions, whether that be music or conversations. Dorm rooms can often feel stuffy and offer all sorts of things to pull at your attention. For this reason, one of the best workspaces on campus for this kind of worker are the silent rooms on the top floor of the library. This space certainly achieves that professional air that helps zero in on one thing at a time.

  1. The Natural Worker

Perhaps one of the worst things about April exams is that under normal circumstances the weather is just starting to get nice and all you want is to be out enjoying the warmth. These kinds of workers need to organize themselves to spend enough time doing both. Whenever the weather is co-operating, there is nothing wrong with taking your books outside and spreading out on the grass to study so you don’t feel like you are missing out.

  1. The Distracted Worker

The learner with the most advantage by far are those who can work with any distraction around them. They can work virtually anywhere, and often prefer to work with music in that helps to provide that dull buzz of activity in the background they can get lost in. Here I only have a small tip, and that is choice in music when studying for this type of worker. Music with lyrics most often causes distraction, especially when a very catchy song comes on. The best option then is instrumental music, but if you hate classical try to find a happy medium. I often use 2Cellos or The Piano Guys who do modern music.

– Sarah