Ways to be Eco-friendly

It’s pretty crazy that it’s already almost April. It’s hard to believe that exams are just around the corner. But let’s not forget that next month, Saturday, April 22nd is Earth Day! On this day you are encouraged to use less energy and be more eco-friendly. My family and I always made an event out of Earth Day – we turn out all the lights at 7 or 8 o’clock, sit in the dark for an hour or so and just talk and have fun.

With Earth Day quickly approaching, we all should play our part in helping to create a cleaner world. I’m not excusing the fact that we should be eco-friendly every day of the year, but Earth Day gives us a reason to become educated on why our world needs more people to be eco-friendly.

Climate change is a very real problem that impacts our environment and us as a society. I know it may seem like a big issue, but as individuals, if we can do our part we can combat it together and clean up our world to make it a better place for us as well as for generations to come.

Ways to be eco-friendly:

Stop using plastic water bottles: Buy a reusable water bottle, you’ll thank me. Not only are you saving money, you’ll also be reducing the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills and is unable to break down.

Be conscious: Don’t leave your lights on while you’re out. Don’t leave water running when you don’t need to. Know the impact you are having on the environment. Be conscious, and help do your part to try to reduce your carbon footprint.

Recycle: It’s really not that hard! Have two bins where you separate your plastics from your paper. If you want to go really wild, you can also get a green bin to recycle scrap food items. I don’t know the specifics of what you can put in it, but there’s lots of information available on Google!

Try carpooling or alternate means of transportation: I know this is pretty easy for university students who bus all the time. But for those fortunate with a car, walk or bus if you are not going too far. I know it’s easy to just hop in your car when it’s there, but think of the consequences and impact your car has on the environment. Next time you want tea from Twiggs or a late night McDonald’s run, try walking or busing!

Don’t litter: This one doesn’t really need an explanation. Just don’t litter!

Do your part and help the world become a greener place!

– Casey