Why I Chose Nursing at Nipissing

As my first year as a nursing student comes to a close, I have been reflecting on the one question I got asked a lot this year: Why did I decide to become a nurse?

There are many reasons why, but one that has some special meaning around this time of the year is a little boy by the name of Blake. When I was in my final years of elementary school I fell in love with the idea of volunteering my time in the Multi-Exceptional Needs classroom on my recess and lunch breaks. In my time I spent in the classroom I became “best friends” with Blake or at least that’s what he would always say. Blake was a 6 year old little boy with the biggest smile and an even bigger personality. He was born with a congenital heart defect and was deaf in both ears. During the 2 years I spent playing, teaching and learning from Blake I was able to master simple sign language so that the two of us could communicate. But sign language isn’t the only thing I learned from this little boy. I learned how to see the world from the perspective of someone who has different abilities that the “Average Joe” doesn’t, for example sign language and also to always wear a smile no matter the challenges you may face. Blake also had a way of picking up on peoples non-verbals and cheering them up by doing something silly before he would give you a hug so you were laughing or at minimum smiling. I had decided when I was in Grade 8 that nursing was my career path. In 2014, Blake sadly passed away leaving only pictures to remind us all of his big bright smile.

That’s one of the reasons I have decided to become a nurse and specifically a pediatric nurse. But choosing a school that would allow me to develop my skills and experience a wide variety of clinical settings was a task. However, the second I walked into Nipissing I knew it was the place for me. This past weekend I volunteered at the Spring Open House and had the opportunity to brag about all the reasons I had chose Nipissing.

First off, you are in clinical from day one. Shadowing a nurse first semester and having your very own patients the next in the hospital and long term care settings. Secondly, when the teaching staff know you by name and not just by a student number at the top of an assignment it is a very rewarding experience. Not only am I able to build a relationship with my professors and instructors, I am able to ask them for one-on-one help to develop my skills as a young nurse. And lastly, why not study in a community that is so committed to providing students with the opportunity to learn and allows for the continuing growth of nursing students among many other career paths.

If you are a nursing student waiting for an acceptance to Nipissing don’t stress, it’ll be in your mailbox before you know it! And I encourage you to accept it because it will be no mistake 🙂

– McKenna