On Campus Jobs!

Ever since I finished my first summer as a Nipissing University student employee in the Office of Student Development and Services this past summer and continued my position part-time throughout the year, I’ve sung the endless praises of the benefits of having an on-campus job. I didn’t realize all the perks that would come with employment with Nipissing, and so I want to make sure more students know about it!

1. Meet other engaged students!
Last summer commenced the completion of my first year at Nipissing, so I was still just getting to know people on campus. By working on campus during the summer I was able to work with, meet, and develop friendships with the other student employees that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise met due to the diverse range of programs!

2. Get to know the institution!
I didn’t realize how many student services and opportunities are available to students until I started working. Nipissing University does a fantastic job at providing additional academic aid and mental health support for students through services like Student Learning and Transitions, Student Accessibility Services, and Student Counselling Services. As well, I’m able to talk to my coworkers for suggestions on where I can get help, seek resources for projects, or talk with other staff/professors.

3. Accessible!
I save so much time and stress by physically working on campus – because I’m usually always here anyways! It is extremely convenient to walk over from the library 5 minutes before my scheduled shift! Additionally, because we’re a post-secondary institution, staff and superiors are super accommodating and understand that school is the first priority!

4. Awesome projects!
Nipissing University has a lot on their plate. Between major tournaments and events with Athletics, New Student Orientation, outreach events, fascinating research, NUSU, and residence life there are a lot of cool projects to be involved in through a student job. Personally, I’ve helped with therapy dog events, mental health awareness campaigns, social media, and workshop development! Great contributions to a resume and fantastic experience (your co-workers make it super fun too!!)

5. Incredible staff!
By far, my favourite part of working on campus is the people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. The faculty and staff at Nipissing are so fun, inclusive, and encouraging that you forget it’s a job sometimes!

Some positions are currently posted for the summer / upcoming year! But, keep coming back to this site ever so often to keep track of opportunities you can jump on!


– Abbey