Big Dreams, Coffee Beans; Whatever University is Made Of

Let’s face it, we’ve all wondered whether we’ve “got the stuff.” You know, the university stuff. The perfect grammar, the work ethic, the flawless work/volunteer/school/social life/sleep combo; like, if you were a pizza, they’d call you a supreme… THAT stuff! The stuff that all of our high school dreams were made of. We, the university students, are supposed to be the epitome of intelligence, punctuality, and confidence all wrapped up in a cute little bow coloured in every shade of “hire me!” But are we really? To conclude the year on a high note, I’ve decided to interview some of your peers in an attempt to unveil what this university “stuff” is really all about—and, through a compilation of embarrassing stories, I’ve learned that perfection isn’t really part of your NU welcome package—but that makes it all the better!

Addendum: for the sake of their privacy (and also their pride), all of the names in this blog post have been changed.

Emily, Criminal Justice, Year Three

“On the first day of classes, I sat at the front of the room that I thought my lecture was supposed to be held in. Though once the professor handed out the syllabus I became confused, and—thinking I went into the wrong classroom—I left. I just got up, and walked away. Everybody watched me. When I later checked my timetable, and realized that I had been in the correct room all along, I had to sneak back into the classroom while I thought my prof was looking the other way. And, just in case you were wondering, he caught me.”

Aaron, History, Year Two

“You know, I never imagined I’d be learning about hot dogs in a first-year history course; never mind actually doing a presentation worth 25% of my grade about the history of them! And, to be honest, I was feeling great about the whole thing. After about 36 hours of no sleep and a whole lot of caffeine, my group was ready to school the whole class with our expertise about the o’ mighty hot dog. Then, of course, mid-presentation I realized that I had instead used the date of the Norman Invasion RATHER than that of the Industrial Revolution—which was approximately seven hundred years earlier. Have you ever seen a grown history major cry?”

Vi, Psychology, Year Four

“I learned two absolutely crucial lessons in my first year at Nipissing U: one, always learn the professor’s name; two, if you didn’t bother to follow number one, at least remember to never use a placeholder until you find the motivation to check your syllabus—because sometimes, you just never have that kind of motivation. I submitted a final paper, and I somehow forgot that I left the prof’s name as “professor with an attractive beard.” I have successfully avoided that same prof for the last three years—though I never did find out how I did on that paper.”

How does your NU experience compare?

Best of luck with your finals, Lakers! May you always have “the university stuff.”

– Amber W.