Why Nipissing Residence is the Best!

One of the most exciting things about going into my first year of university was the opportunity to live in residence. The possibilities seemed endless; getting my own bedroom and living with others my own age, having my own apartment without the fear of dealing with a landlord or paying monthly for rent. I remember I was counting down the days until I could leave for university.

The wait ended up being totally worth it. My first weekend in residence I had already met so many people and the energy within the community was infectious! Residence truly was an amazing experience.

Fast forward three years, and I am still addicted to residence! For the past three years I have found my home away from home in Governors House, and every year my love for residence grows. It is honestly an amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone. Whether you’re in your first year or you’re in your third year, the opportunities are plentiful.

During my first two years in residence I was not a student who was heavily involved in residence, but I appreciated and loved to attend the odd activity here and there. Going into my third year I decided to take the plunge and apply to be an Academic Don. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made. My appreciation for residence has grown so much in the past year and it only continues to grow. Residence brings such a sense of community and being a Don has allowed for me to get a glimpse of how much work is involved in trying to build a sense of community for students.

So I leave you with this piece of advice, if you are going into your first year of residence, go in with an open mind. Your relationships with roommates can vary, you may not have gotten the floor or complex you wanted, but don’t let those ruin the precious time you have in residence, or university for that matter. Attend an activity or two, meet some new people, and live your time in residence to the fullest (so long as you don’t break the the Residence Community Living standards ; ).

– Jenn