Handling the Pre-University Preparation

With move in day, frosh week and the start of classes quickly approaching, it’s inevitable that you’ll be thinking at least a little bit about what you need to do before you kick start your university career. As someone who’s been a part of four residence move ins and four orientation weeks (one as a student, one as a volunteer and two as staff) during my 4 year undergrad, here are my five tips on the pre-university prep:

1: Don’t Buy Textbooks Yet!
The idea of getting ahead of the game by purchasing all of your textbooks might be tempting, especially if your professors have already posted a syllabus. Resist it though, and wait until your professors tell you in-person during the first class what books to buy. It could save you hundreds of dollars!

2: Check Thrift Stores!
Some of the things you need for living on your own, like microwaves and coffee makers, line the shelves at stores like Value Village. Save yourself a fortune and check there before you go off to buy the shiny new models.

3: Talk to Your Roommates!
In early August you should find out who your roommates are. When you do, chat with them about who has what, so you avoid bringing four microwaves and no plates to your residence suite. It will also help break the awkward ice before you meet each other in person, and that will help you have a solid first night in residence.

4: Learn Some Skills!
The first year of university can be a trial of practical skills. Can you cook? Can you clean? Can you do laundry? Note-taking? Time management? Budgeting? Study skills? Being a university student offers you a lot more freedom, but also requires a lot more skills and self-control. If there’s a key skill you’re lacking, ask someone to teach you now before you’re out on your own!

5: Enjoy The Summer!
High school went by fast, eh? University will too. Savor this summer with your home town friends, and while you should definitely be excited to come to university, don’t be so excited that you ignore the fun you could be having right now. Seriously, close this page, go outside, call your friends and hit the beach or something. Like right now!

Cheers, and see you in September!
– Adam