Small Class Sizes, Big Opportunities

With NU Open House just around the corner, I’ve found myself reflecting on my (very distant) memories of applying to post-secondary institutions…and just how much work prospective students put into finding their new academic home! I can remember going to all the open houses with my heart on my sleeve, finding myself charmed by every school that I visited. It wasn’t an easy decision, but three years later, I can confidently say that I belong at Nipissing University—and hopefully so will you.

Let’s talk about small class sizes.

When considering post-secondary options, many prospective students seem to underestimate the significance of small class sizes. At Nipissing, you’re not just a number—as cliché as it might sound. This is because professors are given the opportunity to get to know you, as an individual, and the areas of study you are most passionate about.

Small class sizes will also enhance a student’s learning experience in a meaningful way, outside of the classroom. Such as during office hours, where there are far less students vying for a professor’s attention and help. This will ensure that students have a better understanding of their lectures and readings, or will provide a second opinion on homework. I have also learned that your professors want to hear from you! Taking advantage of office hours to talk about course material will often lead to a more intimate learning experience…sometimes over a cup of tea.

Finally, the personal relationships your small-class sizes will foster are especially beneficial for future opportunities. Your professors will be able to produce letters of reference that are more personal than those in bigger universities. Furthermore, close connections and shared research interests can lead to teaching and research assistance positions—which both compliments your in-class learning, and looks incredible on a CV.

All of us here, at Nipissing University, look forward to seeing you at our open house! Keep an open mind, ask lots of questions, and keep in mind how the class sizes might best benefit you.

– Amber W.