The Good Neighbour Program

Residents of North Bay might have noticed the recent promotions of ‘The Good Neighbour Program’. The program was created by the City of North Bay in 2016, but has recently been going through a ‘reboot’ with the help and collaboration of NUSU, the North Bay Police, Nipissing University, Canadore College, and Canadore Student Council. The program hopes to educate North Bay residents about how to be respectful to their neighbours and mindful about the communities in which they live.

Since the start of this academic year meetings have been taking place to discuss strategies of how students and the community can work together. Included in these meetings have been members of the community, the police, and representatives from Nipissing University and the Nipissing University Student Union. Since these meetings, more members of the community have been joining efforts to ensure The Good Neighbour Program becomes a success and more people become involved.

The Nipissing University Student Union (NUSU) has been emphasizing to students  the importance of conversation and meeting your neighbours. Opening these lines of communication can make it easier to deal with any issues that come up before they become a problem. The program also highlights other ways that we can ALL be a good neighbour, such as watching out for the safety of the community you live in, taking pride in your neighbourhood by keeping it clean, keeping up to date with current rules and bylaws, and keeping noise within your space and within reasonable hours. It is important for all members to treat their fellow residents and neighbours with respect.

Remember, North Bay is your home away from home.

You can view the current handbook of The Good Neighbour Program created by the City of North Bay here:

Courtney Ivany