Knowledge is powerful, so why not consider a degree in CHILD and FAMILY Studies!


I am in my last year of the Child and Family Studies degree program with a minor in Sociology. I believe this is an important blog for those who are considering working with children, or maybe you are not sure what you would like to study. So far, I love my courses because I have been able to take a variety of classes while studying Child and Family studies.

1) You may be able to take a wide range of classes if you choose to study a degree in Child and Family Studies. I took an online biology course which I was nervous about taking at first, but I ended up loving the course so much! My biology course challenged me to learn outside my comfort zone. Since I took biology at Nipissing University, it has made me more confident in my learning and academic abilities and I feel much more confident enrolling in science and psychology classes. “Kid Media” was also a fun course because I watched Frozen and superhero movies, which was exciting but it was also mandatory to watch. It would be a good idea to consult with an academic advisor when selecting courses.

2) If you want to be a teacher, like I do, I believe it would be a wonderful idea study a degree in Child and Family Studies because you will be able to learn more about children’s development in all domains. I learned about the culture, historical and social context of childhood. The Child and Family Studies program introduces students to social constructions of children and youth in various cultural settings and generations. In your last year of the Child and Family Studies degree program, you may be able to apply to the consecutive program, like I have. A lot of my professors I had at Nipissing University have their certification to teach in elementary schools, and they give us students wonderful teaching tips. The Child and Family Studies program has helped and motivated me to apply to the Bachelor of Education program for the primary and junior division.

3) I believe employers get very happy to hear about an applicant who has studied Child and Family Studies since the degree is unique and intriguing. I learned to be a critical thinker and work collaboratively which will help me in preparation for employment. When searching for work, I believe it helps to have a degree. My professors have motivated and challenged me to have a real concern for social justice.

4) When I applied to Nipissing University, I received transfer credits because I studied Early Childhood Education in college. I wanted to continue to study and learn more about children, and my professors here at Nipissing University have provided me with that opportunity.

The purpose of my blog was to inspire you to study a degree in Child and Family Studies and I think it will be helpful to check out the links below:–family-studies/Pages/default.aspx

I hope you find the right degree that works for you 🙂