Make it work for you!

Everyone asks, “how do I do it?” How do I balance school and life and make time for self-care? It’s always hard to figure out in the first month, but as soon as you get into a rhythm, it kind of makes itself work.

But the most important thing is to make time for you. I know everyone says this and you all say how do I fit it in? How do I make self care happen? Make time for it to happen! Self-care can be something as easy and curling up in a blanket and watching Netflix for an evening, or a bubble bath. Something that you already have to do in your day-to-day lives that just make things much more enjoyable and makes you happy.

Easy ideas for self-care that can happen in your day-to-day routines:

  • Call home, or your best friend. Things like that can perk up your mood almost instantly.
  • Have a bubble bath. Just a calm night can recharge your batteries.
  • Go to the gym. Working out energizes you and is healthy for you too – and you have a gym right here on campus!
  • Make a new recipe, something that you’ve been meaning to try.
  • Have a night in, watch a movie and spend time with friends. It’s cheap and easy to do.
  • Go to bed earlier. I know we all say we have too much work, but listen to me, plan your night out to get your work done at a reasonable time so you aren’t stressing out and can make it to bed before the sun comes up.
  • Be selfish! Do at least one thing every day to make YOU happy.
  • Dance Party! Crank up the tunes and have a wild dance party!
  • Good deed of the day: whether it be opening a door for someone or helping an old lady with her groceries, do one every day that makes everyone feel better.
  • Enjoy some quality time with the animals. If you don’t have a pet, visit the Humane Society or enjoy some time with the therapy dogs that NUSU has brought to campus frequently this semester as well as the ones that come to the residences every week.
  • Unplug: Unplug from everything, no emails, no internet, no texting, no electronics.

By using tips such as these it makes life so much more interesting and you stay happier and healthier.

Enjoy Nipissing!