4 Useful Cooking Tips for Beginners

If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried many times to make a half-decent meal these past couple months or so. Sometimes, it doesn’t work out and it turns into a bowl of popcorn, for myself at least. I find it extremely annoying when I plan to cook a nice meal and it either burns (we have crappy pans) or tastes like garbage! I also find that pure exhaustion and laziness after a long day takes a role when it comes to cooking. You may be a first-year, like myself, or maybe just haven’t really gotten the hang of cooking and rely solely on Kraft Dinner for a source of nutrition, but we’re all still learning. Anyway, here are some tips from one unsuccessful cook to another that I’ve found useful so far:

1. Use a nonstick pan
Honestly, these things SAVE lives. Maybe I’m unlucky but everything burns in one area of the pan whenever I use our frying pans, no matter how hard I try. This includes when I use something such as canola oil to grease the pan. Recently, my roommate brought back some amazing non-stick pans home from reading week. Let me tell you, cooking has never been better.

2. Buy pre-packaged cooked meat
If you hate cooking meat, like myself, I find that buying pre-packaged cooked meat such as chicken is a great way to reduce the stress of cooking. I usually throw mine into a salad, heat it up after cooking pasta or throw it into a stir fry or rice. It makes making a meal a lot more simple. An added bonus is that you don’t have to worry about if the meat is entirely cooked through. I know that for myself, cooking raw chicken can be a little daunting.

3. Buy foods that you can make different meals out of 
I know this one seems pretty obvious, but try to buy foods that you can cook multiple meals out of such as pasta, rice, etc. These foods can be stored for quite a while, whereas when you buy something such as an avocado, it’s hard to save it for another meal. Typically foods like that, you have to use in one go. It’s more cost-efficient and smarter to buy foods that you can make multiple meals out of. Also, if you buy something such as chicken, you can always store it in the freezer to preserve it for longer and for later use.

4. Freeze foods
I’m not talking about microwaveable foods, although they tend to be not that bad. I usually throw bagels, and any food that tends to be going bad, such as bananas, to use later. As well, it’s pretty great to bring back home-cooked meals from thanksgiving and store them in the freezer. Overall, it’s a pretty great way to preserve food until further use.