It’s All About The Balance

University is both one of the best experiences in your life, and also one of the scariest and most confusing. I know questions continuously go through my head about whether or not I think I’m in the right program, is all this schooling and money worth it, etc. But one colossal question that continues to pop up in my brain is how I’m going to balance all of my deadlines, getting together with my friends, having time for myself, etc.

I know I can’t be the only 19-year-old who is feeling this way, or even if you’re not 19 and feeling this way, that’s okay too because Nipissing University has to be one of the most helpful and accommodating universities that any of us could have chosen. Over the past few months, I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks to ensure you’re not feeling too stressed out, and you can take a self-care moment and be stress free.

My first tip is for if you’re struggling to meet deadlines, your organization sucks, or you don’t know how you’re going to deal with studying and preparing for exams. Have no fear, Academic Skill Development is here! Or if you have a class you may need a bit of extra help with, there is always peer tutoring! If you find yourself having troubles in the academic realm, seek help right away from a professor or a teaching assistant, if that doesn’t help try Nipissing’s awesome Student Accessibility Services! Feeling alone or going through a hard semester or hard times? Student Accessibility Services also provides a counseling service if you need it. My word of advice is to try talking to a friend or family member first, and if that doesn’t work, seek help!

My next little bit of advice is to try to use time in between your classes as effectively as possible. I know sometimes that episode of Stranger Things 2 is calling your name, but if you get school work or studying done in between classes, it will make your night more enjoyable when you can relax and take it easy for the evening. But if you need that hour to relax and have a self-care moment, you do you. As long as you know how to balance your time effectively, it’s all about the balance.

Feeling like you’re having a hard time getting in exercise, eating right and getting school work done? My tip is to organize your time to accommodate everything you want to do promptly. Got a 2-hour break in between classes? Why not go to the gym, grab a bite to eat and head to the library. That way you can feel both accomplished and satisfied, as well as take that small moment of self-care for yourself.

My overall words of advice for you if you’re feeling confused or unsure is always to ask and seek help when you need it. If you’re having a hard time academically, socially, etc. there are always services available to you. With exams fast approaching don’t forget to take moments of self-care for yourself.

Remember that University is a learning and growing process. You’re not the only one going through a confusing time. Use what you have available to you to do best!

Remember, it’s all about the balance.