25 Unique DIY Holiday Gifts Using a Mason Jar

The holidays are fast approaching! While this might be an exciting time for students who can’t wait to go home and visit their families, it may also be a stressful time for students who are worrying about the financial strain this might cause on them. The good thing is there are many unique gifts idea that can be a truly thoughtful gift that won’t break the bank. Below are 25 unique holiday gift ideas using a mason jar!

1. Snow globe.
This truly unique gift will be the talk of the holidays.

2. Beginner sewing kit.
Having a small emergency sewing kit is always helpful!

3. Homemade bath bombs.
My personal favourite. I can’t wait to try out this one! (You can find recipes for these online)

4. Jam/Sauce.
An idea you grandma can be proud of!

5. Soap dispenser.
How cute are these? (also a great way to spruce up your dorm room!)

6. Hot chocolate in a jar.
This will be sure to keep them warm in the North Bay winters.

7. Sugar scrub.
Great gift idea for friends who need to some time to relax!

8. Bath salts.
Making it one step easier to obtain the perfect bath.

9. Pork Rub.
There’s even ideas for Dad!

10. Cookies.
Who doesn’t love cookies?

11. Caramel apple supplies.
Know someone with a sweet tooth? Then this idea is perfect!

12. Movie lovers.
Make it personal, and make it ‘pop’!

13. Pampering kit.
Who needs an expensive get-away?

14. Pedicure
This one will be sure to have your nails looking great!

15. Candle.
Check out my previous blog on how to make these!

16. Mason jar cocktails.
Make the holidays even more enjoyable! (Only for those who are of age)

17. Plants.
This is a great one for a friend who loves to cook, soon they could have their own herbs and spices growing right in front of them!

18. Dog treats.
Need an idea for your furry friend? Look no longer!

19. Candy.
Surely you can’t go wrong with candy right?

20. Organizer.
The mason jar is full of possibilities, after a little sprucing up, it can even make a great organizer!

21. Coffee lovers.
Any coffee lover will be sure to love this one!

22. Cookie/muffin mix
A baker lover’s dream.

23. Photo in a jar.
The perfect sentimental gift that Mom will surely cherish forever.

24. Gift card holder.
Many people request gift cards over the holidays, so try this idea to make it a little more personal.

25. Flower vase.
Who can say no to flowers?

– Courtney