You’re Never A Number, You’re Always A Person

Sometimes we can feel like although there are people all around us we are completely alone and no on cares in that moment how we are feeling and what is happening in our lives.

As a second year nursing student effected by the 6 week college strike, it often felt like throughout the strike our political figures didn’t see the 500,000 students out of class as people and just a number.

Our professors here at Nipissing don’t treat you as if you are a number, they see the people that are struggling to cope with the now condensed semester. My nursing prof who teaches both my courses effected by the strike immediately sent out a check in email and asked us all to answer a survey on how we were feeling emotionally and what she could do to help ease our levels of stress and anxiety. At larger universities when the class size average is 150 students or higher it would be seemingly impossible for the prof to read all of their students responses to a survey. However, my professor had read every single survey by the time our 8:30 class had started this morning and came with a list of questions we had submitted and answered every single one.

As finals near often the level of anxiety and stress increase and with the added threat of having to stay beyond the exam period to finish up classes is above your head it can quickly lead you to burnout.

Because my prof has been able to get all of our inputs through her survey and the suggestions we submitted through the Nursing Society on campus, we won’t have to forfeit anytime away from home over the holidays.

When looking at choosing a university that is right for you consider whether your prof will know your name and say “Hi” in the halls or whether they won’t know you’re their student and think you’re just a stranger passing by. At Nipissing all my profs have known my name, the academic accommodations I receive and have been willing to meet outside of their office hours and often after hours to go over content that doesn’t completely make sense.

Feeling alone is never something anyone wants to feel, if you choose Nipissing I can promise you’ll always have someone around to help get you through your stressful times.

Off to do some studying!

~ McKenna