From Muskoka to North Bay

My first year of Nipissing University I attended the Muskoka Campus. The Muskoka campus was closed a few years ago, but my program is now offered at the North Bay Campus. Many of you who studied at Muskoka who are now at the North Bay campus have expressed missing the Muskoka Campus. I miss living in Muskoka too. I miss watching The Bachelorette and playing video games with my residence friends, and the snowman and gingerbread house competition that we participated in. Muskoka will always be a big part of my life, but at least we had the opportunity to live and go to university there. Not many people can say they went to university in Muskoka. Besides, most of us who attended Muskoka Campus are so close to graduating Nipissing University. Think about what North Bay has to offer, which are lots of new possibilities. I have lived in North Bay for almost two years and have had the opportunity to gain exciting experiences in North Bay. In the summertime I love to spend time at the beach in North Bay and have met new and amazing people. I do not feel isolated in North Bay. In my free time, I go shopping at Northgate Shopping Center. There are lots of courses and electives to choose from in North Bay and I believe the professors here are fantastic and supportive.

There are more residences to choose from in North Bay compared to Muskoka, where there was only one residence building. There are four residence complexes in North Bay – Townhouses, Governors House, Chancellors House, and Founders House. I lived in Governors House, which is considered the upper residence. The benefit of living the the top of the hill was that it was within walking distance to the school and library. Students that reside in Chancellors and Founders House can take a reliable bus up the hill to Nipissing University for free with their valid student card. The other advantages of living in the lower residences is you will be close to shops on McKeown Avenue. I love shopping at Winners, Michael’s and Sally Beauty store, and I would recommend eating breakfast at Twiggs. There are lots of other stores and food choices located close to the lower residence to select from as well, such as No Frills, Yogurtz, A&W, Boston Pizza, Tim Horton’s, Dollarama, Milano’s Pizza & Wings, McDonald’s, Quesada Burritos & Tacos, Wendy’s, Petsmart, Bulk Barn, CIBC, and Rogers. There is a grocery bus that comes every week to each residence complex that takes students grocery shopping. There is also an option of living off-campus.

Maybe some of you reading this were not Muskoka students and that is perfectly fine because this information can provide you with some valuable insight about student life in Nipissing University at the North Bay campus.

I hope you find comfort and peace in North Bay,