Home is absolutely where your heart is

It’s getting toward exam time and that means it’s almost time to go home! Christmas is fastly approaching (for those who celebrate) as is going to visit our loved ones soon. I know that “home is where your heart is” is a cliché saying, but I completely stand by this.

Coming into university, you make friends who easily become like your family. These are friends that you go to when you need help, when you need support, or when you just need a laugh. I’m sure you heard it before but Nipissing truly is home away from home. Not only because of the atmosphere but the people that are here. I know that I found my family and home here and I am extremely grateful.

When you first think about home, you may think of your childhood home or the house where your parents live. Although, some people aren’t as close to their parents as others are. It doesn’t always have to be your parents house to be your home. On the other hand, you may consider your parents and family as home. Your family may be your home as your heart is there. I know I’m looking forward to seeing mine.

Home can also be within your significant other. They become one of the closest people in your life and almost like another half. It’s easy to find home and comfort within them. Your heart is invested in your home.

Home isn’t always where your parents live or where you grew up. Sometimes home is within the people you love and you have multiple homes. That is entirely okay. Home is where you invest your heart and time, and within the people you invest them in.