Study Hall: Top Places to Get Your Scholar On

Ah, it’s that time of the year again: students frantically flipping through pages of notes five minutes before their exams begin, the smell of coffee everywhere, and desks littered with cue cards and essays. This is my second-to-last exam season before graduation in June, and by this point I’m known (by my friends and Instagram followers, anyways) for my stellar study habits. Today, I’m sharing my favourite places to study both on campus and in North Bay to ensure that you’re maximizing not only your time, but your space as well to get those grades this semester.

Prefer the quiet?
The silent room on the top floor of the library is the perfect place to study for those who are interested in complete silence while studying.

Prefer some background noise?
Twiggs is a great place to study off-campus where you can sip your perfectly crafted latte while staring out the window at the snow falling. It also always has a perfect blend of acoustic music and cover songs playing softly, which sets such a nice mood for getting on the study grind. Additionally, the first and second floors of the Harris Learning Library have the coziest chairs and are perfect for group study sessions with friends, or catching up on readings between classes.

Prefer studying in your own room at home, but are having a hard time focusing?
Prepare some snacks, and of course the caffeine! Studying at home can be convenient, but with that comes a slew of distractions. In my room, I prefer to sit near the window so I can let the natural light in and make sure I’m getting the little sunlight that occurs during winters in the North. When I’m in the mood to listen to music (or people are being too loud around me), I usually put in my noise-cancelling earbuds and listen to wordless music or scores from movies. Both are super relaxing and definitely help your level of focus when you aren’t reciting the lyrics of your favourite Taylor Swift song instead of your notes for your History exam.

Hopefully this exam season treats all of you well, and you all earn some well-deserved relaxation by the middle of the month!

‘Til next time,