Why Philosophy?

Why Philosophy? It might be the question I have received more than any other in the last half decade. Normally I like to first ask a question back to the person asking me, I like to have a sense of their headspace. I like to have an idea of why they are asking me and if they have a pre-existing opinion.

The actual meaning of Philosophy: “the love of wisdom” is reason enough for me. Studying in some of the most thought provoking fields and making an attempt to reason well about logic, epistemology, metaphysics and ethics. To study the works of the greatest thinkers that ever lived. Then you pair that with the guidance of University faculty and you stand to gain a life-changing amount of knowledge, skills and experience.

A Philosophy graduate is also one who is never done learning. This is not only useful in academics it is also very attractive for employers. The time I spent earning my undergraduate degree as a double major in the departments of Political Science and Philosophy has allowed me to continue to explore, learn, grow and experience the world, while equipping me with the necessary transferable skills I will need to do grow.

The transferable skills I have learned can be applied to a wide range of professions such as critical thinking, problem solving, communication, research, and how to form reasonable and logical arguments. Although those transferable skills can be gained through studying many subjects I found that my education has provided me the exact foundation I was looking for in a University degree. Not only in my professional work-life but also in my life generally.

As a Student Recruitment Officer one of the most rewarding parts of my job is helping students find their path. So it is very rewarding to be able to tell people that despite all the jokes that come at a philosophy student’s expense, it is everything a lot of students are looking for and they just don’t know it. So rather than finding Philosophy by accident or by luck I challenge anyone who reads this to seek it out. Seek out the wisdom you wish to gain, the experiences you wish to have and the life you wish to live.

– Kyle W