The Most Rewarding Part of My Job

Here’s a quick story about why I love my job: It’s December and exams are in full swing. I was walking down one of the hallways in the university when I was stopped by a first-year student that I met at the Ontario University Fair the year before.

I asked the student how their year was going and they told me it was terrible. At first I was shocked and concerned because I was the person who convinced them that Nipissing was the perfect fit for them and I feared that I may have let them down. They followed up by explaining they had recently suffered a couple losses in their family and had to travel home for a few days. My next question was, “I’m sorry to hear that, but how are you enjoying Nipissing?” Their face immediately lit up and they replied, “I love it! My first semester here has been amazing and I can’t imagine being anywhere else. I love my classes and professors, and the whole experience has been a huge positive in my life.”

Interactions like this are why I love my job. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a student happy at Nipissing and knowing I played a part in getting them here.

Most importantly, it’s not about convincing people how great Nipissing is, it’s about meeting potential students that you know are Lakers and helping them realize that Nipissing is right where they belong.

– Kyle A.