My Humble Advice

Smile! Be yourself! This is just the beginning of the Nipissing University experience and it’s an experience that will forever shape you. So, I have some advice:

University is supposed to be an adventure. Come with an open mind; take classes you may not have thought about taking and most importantly, do not change who you are.

Nipissing University is situated in a picturesque, natural environment that already looks like a beautiful canvas but paint your own picture using North Bay as your background.

This is a community that allows you to think freely and openly yet innovatively, so take advantage of that.

Your professors are invested in you and your passions, so have many.

The three, four or six years, will go by quickly, so have no regrets.

Define you, as a Laker, by your experiences, by the community and by succeeding academically and personally.

With this advice, I hope you grow to love Nipissing University like I do so that you can proudly say: “Nipissing University is right where I belong” forever and always!

– Sharzad