I had the thyme of my life…and the basil…and oregano too: A travel season of stuffing my face

If anyone has met me on the road you’ll know I have 4 great loves in life: pizza, popcorn, coffee and cheese. I’m the type of person who works out to eat. And eat I do. This travel season I was lucky enough to chow down at a few familiar spots and experience some new culinary delights while on the road thanks to all of your recommendations. So bear with me while I relive some of the fantastic feasts I chowed down on during my travels.

Last time I visited Kincardine was during an epic blizzard in February. Not only was a savoury sit down dinner not on the table, the power was out, so, getting food anywhere was tricky. This year I was lucky enough to see the shores of Lake Huron in the early fall and enjoy several tasty meals with a view of the water. I initially thought The Harbour Street Brasserie was way too fancy for me when I rolled up with my ripped jeans and sunglasses on but the menu could not have been more delicious and, trust me, there is no better way to enjoy a tasty beet salad than reading a book in the sunshine on their awesome patio.

I won’t lie, I was bit skeptical when a few students suggested this next spot to me while visiting the Ottawa Valley in late October. I didn’t have high expectations about the The Antrim Truck Stop in Arnprior but I’ll be the first to admit it… I was wrong. If you’re ever in Arnprior, do yourself a favour and check this place out.

Being the space nerd that I am, I HAD to eat at the The Flying Saucer Restaurant in Niagara Falls. From out of this world kitschy space décor to punny menu items named after my all-time favourite band (hello Red Hot Chili Poppers) this place definitely delivered. I also learned my space knowledge might not be as expansive as I give myself credit for when I got an embarrassingly low score playing the space trivia on the back of the menu.

Last but not least I need to make a special shout out to Starbucks for keeping me caffeinated this year, because of all my food related loves, coffee is number 1 by a mile (or kilometer if we’re being Canadian about it) and I was suffering some mad withdrawal from my local favourite, Twiggs. If you’re ever in North Bay you NEED to check them out. They even serve the best pizza.

Now that I’m starving and craving (another) coffee, I want to end by saying that as much I love food, having the opportunity to meet all of you really is my favourite part of travel season and I’m constantly amazed by how friendly, smart and ambitious you all are. Keep up the great work! I’m also always looking for great local restaurant recommendations. So if you see me out there, hit me with ‘em!

– Sarah