25 Years in the Future

This year Nipissing University celebrated its 25th birthday. During the celebration, Nipissing opened a time capsule that had been sealed since 1992. The time capsule revealed many items that dated over 25 years, along with letters about how times might have changed. Thinking about the idea of a time capsule makes me wonder what I would say to my future self in 25 years if given the chance. As this is my last year of schooling, I think it’s important to remember the great experiences and not just all the homework. Below is a letter to my future self about my last 4 years as a student at Nipissing University.

Dear Courtney,
As it’s been twenty-five years since I’ve wrote this letter, I’m guessing many things in my life has changed. As of right now my life is pretty great. I’m currently in my final semester of school. It’s hard to believe that less than four years ago I was just starting my journey at Nipissing. Since my first year, many things have changed for me. I’m sure you remember all the homework we had to do, so I’ll skip through to the good things. The first experience I had as a student was Frosh Week. I remember thinking how grateful I was that everyone was so inclusive, making it easy for me to transition into university life. Because of this experience I went out of my comfort zone to apply to be a frosh leader myself. Through the next three years of being a part of frosh in my role as a team leader, and then later as a coordinator, I gained some amazing friends. I then began to become a larger part of NUSU through my position as a member of the Board of Directors. This was such a rewarding experience for me to be able to have a voice and represent my fellow students. These experiences honestly made my four years of university so much more satisfying. If you have a child right now, make sure to remind them to get involved. My only regret is not getting more involved sooner. I hope that by the time you read this letter your life will be going just as great for you. The past four years have had their downfalls, which is why I’ve been so grateful to have so many people in my school who are supportive of me. Remember to always look for the positive things in life, and not to worry so much about the little things. Stuff has a funny way of always working themselves out.