Things we’ve ALL said to our Roommates

For the following post, I greatly took inspiration from the Oddessy article: It was actually my roommate who sent me this article that I have drawn inspiration from. Don’t get me wrong, living with your best friend can have its ups and downs, but mostly having roommates allows you to become a family. You basically have sleepovers with your best friend continuously, you have someone to bake with, and if you’re homesick, you have the next best thing to your mom. I’ve created a list that essentially sums up the daily things we’ve all said to our roommates while living at the wonderful Nipissing University Campus.

Here’s to the roommates Nipissing University allowed me to meet. Thank you for continuous support and love!

“I’m Hungry”

“Do I look okay?”

“Should I skip class?”

“Do I have to go to the seminar today?”

“What should I make for dinner?”

“What should I wear?”

“I’m poor.”

“I’m bored.”

“Come entertain me.”

“Is it summer/ winter break yet?”

“I’m sick of how cold it is.” — come on you got to admit you’ve said this multiple times since you’ve made Nipissing University your home.

“How was class?” — proceeding with “I didn’t go.”

“Do I have to do my homework?”

“Is it time to go home yet?”

“How many days till Christmas break?”

“Whose dishes are these?”

“Whose turn is it to do the dishes?”

“Can I borrow….”

“Want to go out for lunch?”

“You’re having that for dinner again?”

“Do you think he/she is cute?”

“How long until reading week?”

“Want to go to a party tonight?”

“You’re going to kill your essay/presentation/test/midterm/exam”

“I have the perfect gift for you for Christmas.”

“Man, I missed you.”

-Insert overplayed song- “I love this song!”

“Whose dishes are in the sink?”

“Let’s go on a road trip.”

“Can you take a picture for me?”

” What are we doing this weekend?”

“I’m so glad we’re roommates.”

And last but certainly not least,

“I love you.”

I can’t express how happy and glad I am to have chosen to come to Nipissing University to earn my Bachelor’s Degree. The countless friends I’ve made here continue to offer me love and support all the time.

Spread the love and let your roommates know how much they mean to you!