Four Things that I’ve Learned from my Time at University

Over my four years at Nipissing, I’ve learned many different things through lectures and classroom discussions. However, some of the bigger life lessons that I’ve learned have come from my volunteer experiences, residence life, and my overall university experience. While I anticipated learning many things surrounding my degree, the list of things that I learned at Nipissing are things that I didn’t expect to learn.

As many Nipissing students will tell you, living on a student budget can be very challenging. You have to pay for tuition, textbooks, groceries, and everyday living expenses. While these things add up quite quickly, I’ve noticed that we students tend to shop without a real need for things. My time away from home has taught me the importance of keeping a budget, tracking my purchases, and has pushed me to look into, apply, and get involved with student employment at Nipissing.

Meal Prep
While it’s very easy to eat out, make pasta, or buy frozen meals, many students quickly learn that this is not the most convenient way to go about food on a daily basis. While I admit, this is still a skill I’m working on, I’ve found that meal prepping not only pushes me to eat healthier, but has saved me a ton of money. Not only do I work to play ahead, but cooking for multiple days ahead of time has saved me time to work on homework. Not sure of where to start? Pinterest has lots of great recipes, tips and suggestions for university students and those whose goal is to get better at meal prepping.

Going to university, there are so many new opportunities to make new friends. If you’re anything like me, you’ll end up with so many new friends from all different backgrounds. However, something that I learned throughout my university experience is the importance of choosing to surround yourself with positive people. My friends motivate me to do better and be better on a daily basis. Together we go to the gym, study together, encourage each other, and support each other. Find people who push you to be the best you that you can be.

Getting Involved
At Nipissing, I’ve had so many wonderful opportunities to immerse myself in residence and at the school. I’ve been able to complete my record of student development, made new connections, and immersed myself in the joys of Nipissing student employment. There are so many wonderful ways to get involved whether it is joining your Residents’ Council, being a Student Note Taker, volunteering with the Equity Center, applying for a job at Nipissing, or joining our wonderful IBelongatNipissingU team, there is something for you. Getting involves opens up a world of new possibilities and I mean that in the most loving, and corny way.

I hope that like me, you are all able to enjoy the many benefits and rewards to attending Nipissing University. Enjoy your time because it will fly by, and soon, like me, you’ll be reflecting back on what you’ve learned, the memories you’ve made, and how much your enjoyed your time at Nipissing.