There’s No Place Like Home

For many students, making the decision to live off-campus in their upper years requires a lot of decisions and hard work. For my roommates and I we made the decision too late last year and ended up missing out on the great houses available for students to rent in North Bay.

So this year we were not going to let anything get in our way of finding a house to call home. After beginning our search at the beginning of the school year and finding our perfect place in December, there were a lot of learning curves that we experienced along the way. Here are a few things to consider when living off-campus.

  1. How far or close do you want to be to campus, entertainment, shopping, and restaurants? For myself being close to campus and the hospital were at the top of our list. The early morning shifts at the hospital require me to rely on my 2 feet to get me to my shift on time and walking more then 20 minutes would be way to much at 5 in the morning.
  2. When considering a property, ask a lot of the awkward questions. The amount of questions we ended up asking our potential landlords grew every time we saw a property. How old is the house? When was the furnace installed or how old is it? Do we have access to the garage? How old are the kitchen appliances? Are we allowed to have pets?
  3. How long do you plan on living in the house you decide on? Our landlord was looking for tenants who would be in the house for more than one year. My roommates are in education so they will at least be in the house for another 3 years but some landlords only look for tenants from certain programs.

These are just a few things we encountered on our search. Although at one point we were discouraged that we were never going to find a house that make us happy, I’m so excited to say we found THE house for us!! To aid in your own hunt whether this year or in the future, here are a few websites that we used to gain knowledge about what we should be asking and helped us find our property:

Nipissing’s Off Campus Living

Kijiji Property Listings

Super excited to start this new journey to homeownership and hope this aids you in yours.