How to have a social life and get your work done on time

In most of my years in university, the majority of my high school friends were attending the same school or would even live in the same residence building. Due to our proximity we all knew we could see one another whenever we would like. After high school, it is tough to keep in touch with friends, especially when you all move away for school and rarely find yourself in close proximity.

I’m not saying you won’t lose touch with friends and wish you could still chat with one another like you used to, however, those times when you can socialize with one another, are times when the time you spent apart from one another seems to disappear.

When I can go home for Reading Week or the weekend, I know there is a list of things I need to get done. Work on an assignment, finish a reading, work on a presentation. But those times at home are when I reconnect with those who are a big part of my social circle. Suddenly all my work takes the back burner in favour of making plans to be with friends.
Of course, that time comes to an end, and I need to get my head back in the books, and I look at my to-do list and it looks like I’m in over my head.

How on earth will I get all this work done well and on time?
This was something I never really answered until the beginning of this semester. I started the semester reminding myself that when I go home, I don’t want to be stressed over the upcoming work I have as soon as I get back. So this semester I started my work early on. In class, I have a bunch of small papers due at random times throughout the semester. The best way to tackle it was working on them early on and getting them done so later in the semester I won’t be forced to write them all after one another.

I take a careful look at my semester calendar and what due dates I have and plan out when I want to visit friends and plan around that.
This is difficult to do later in a semester, so it’s best to get started right away. Work during the week so your weekends are light and you don’t feel like a machine scrambling to process everything on your plate.