99 Problems, but Social Media Ain’t One

Hi, my name is Maddy, and I’m obsessed with social media. I post aesthetic Instagram photos at least twice a week, Snapchat my everyday life, and tag my friends in adorable Facebook videos daily. This year, I wanted to be more intentional with my time and spend more time interacting with people vis-a-vis. Paradoxically, the easiest way to become more connected was to disconnect. So, I self-induced a challenge: one month, social media free. No Instagram, no Snapchat, no Facebook, no Twitter, and certainly no LinkedIn (which I recently learned from a friend that LinkedIn counts as social media).

I’ll admit, I definitely felt left out with my friends consistently exclaiming about who posted what or what comments someone left on someone else’s posts, which was quickly always followed by a “oh right…”. It’s difficult when everyone’s super connected and you’re just not, especially when you’re so used to being up to speed on everything online. I also became increasingly aware how often people will scroll through their phones while halfway listening to what you’re saying – I can’t imagine how often I’ve done that to people previously, but I now realize how annoying it is on the other side! I also realized how instinctual it is when you’re alone in a situation (ie. on the bus, standing in line, waiting for a friend, etc.) to pick up your phone and begin scrolling to make it seem like you’re doing something productive instead of simply waiting phoneless.

The good that came out of it? Because I had no idea what was going on with my friends online, I had to start interacting more with my friends in person, and had a lot more face time with the people I don’t necessarily see as often. I find it’s easy to brush people off when you can see exactly what they’re doing anyways on social media, and you forget it’s been probably four months since you’ve actually spoken to them in person.

Am I going to quit social media for good? Absolutely not. Do I plan to use it less to share everything that’s going on? Absolutely.

‘Til next time,