What to pack?

If you are an out of town student like I am, you may not know what to pack for residence so here are some helpful suggestions about what to pack:

 My first year dorm room in university

I packed up optional supplies such as my makeup, bathing suit, flip flops, one black dress, two pairs of heels, purses, shorts, tank tops, skirts, sunglasses, posters and blue sticky tack. Also, I packed up pictures of family members, friends, and pictures of my childhood to remember happy times in my past. The bathroom supplies I packed was a bath mat, towels, conditioner, shampoo, hair dryer, hair brush, soap, toothbrush, toilet paper, lotion, soap, toothpaste and a shower curtain. I also packed up school supplies such as a backpack, calculator, USB memory stick, headphones, printer/ink, pencils, pens, pencil case, white-out, highlighters, lined paper, and blank flash cards. I packed many kitchen supplies such as oven gloves, baking tray, microwave, toaster, pans/pots, spoons, forks, dishes, sponges, kitchen knives, spatula, blender, tea cups, tea kettle, plates, and bowls. North Bay can get extremely cold sometimes so remember to pack up lots of winter supplies such as mittens, scarfs, jackets, and sweaters because you will need it to stay warm. I packed up cleaning supplies such as a broom and garbage bags. I also packed up laundry change, laundry basket, running shoes, pyjamas, boots, socks, hangers, watch, alarm clock, flashlight with extra batteries, and wallet. I also brought my pillows, pillowcases, bed sheet, blanket, umbrella, undergarments, mini fridge, flashlight, first aid kit, scissors, hangers, and journal. If you have prescription medication, then remember to pack it up. Pack up any important documents such as bank cards or passport you may need.

You may want to communicate with your roommates before the move-in date. For instance, you may bring a microwave to share with your roommates and another person you will live with can bring pans to share. It is not necessary you pack up everything I listed, because many of the stuff I wrote can be bought in North Bay. If what I have listed overwhelms you then it is possible to pack up just one suitcase. Even if you forget to pack up school supplies do not panic because it is possible to buy things in North Bay. Some of the items I have listed can be purchased at the campus bookshop or the residence front desk. There are also prohibited items that are not allowed on residence property. For more information, you can contact residence@nipissingu.ca. There is also a shared storage closet, where I put some of my suitcases. I did not feel the need to pack up any DVDs, board games, mop, or vacuum because you are able to borrow such items at the front desk. I just want to mention that the residence staff and dons made me feel very comfortable when I first moved into residence. When I first arrived at residence there were balloons, welcome signs, cookies, refreshments, and music. Residence staff served the students pancakes for breakfast the next day and there were outdoor water games which gave me the opportunity to meet new people. Before I moved into residence I made a list of stuff I needed to pack so hopefully my blog helps you.

Don’t forget your laptop and charger!