Surviving Second Semester

Throughout my time at Nipissing, I’ve always noticed how much faster second semester seems to be. While both semesters are the same length, profs seem to spend less time easing us into courses, assignments and tests, and before we know it we’re in the middle of March, pushing through to the end of the semester. On top of all the school work, Nipissing hosts so many events second semester that the chance for down time between your classes, extracurricular, and time with friends seems to be nearly impossible. Programs run socials and formals, the university runs events, we participate in things such as Relay for Life, and start to look into jobs for the summer and next academic year. The hustle and bustle of second semester can be a little overwhelming and as I enter my last couple of months at Nipissing, I find myself relying on the strategies that I’ve built up over my time here. If you have yet to do any of these things, I suggest you give them a try as they can help get you through the remaining part of the school year.

Use a Calendar
Whether it’s on Google, your bedroom wall, or an agenda, using a calendar is the best way to keep dates, plans, and activities organized. It can be tedious to keep up with, but it’s completely worth it. For me, I find Google calendar to be the easiest to use, as I can sync my school account to my phone. This way, any meetings that I have, group projects, tasks, or appointments send me reminders and I can get things done on time.

Make To-Do Lists
To do lists are great if you are struggling to keep up with more than just schoolwork. Being busy, I find making a list of what I need to get done in a given day or week allows me to check off things as they’re completed, and stay on track. While many people really like making lists, you can also make a digital list using apps on your phone, or Google calendar if you don’t want to be using notebooks or paper.

Schedule in Down Time
Self-care is a very important concept, but when you’re busy with schoolwork and assignments, it can be something that gets dropped. Make sure that you schedule in time for yourself to do whatever helps you recharge. For some, that’s hanging with friends, but for others that could be spending time alone watching Netflix or even napping. Do what works best for you.

Good luck with the last few months of the semester and whether you’re starting your journey with Nipissing, or ending, take time to appreciate being a Laker.