Oh, For the Love of Learning

The most persistent, and perhaps unpleasant experience I’ve had in the past three years of my Nipissing University journey is that dreadful question of why. Specifically, why did I choose Political Science? Better yet, why couldn’t I have chosen something that would almost certainly have more lucrative job prospects than a major in the social sciences? This, of course, is followed by an internal eye-roll on my part, and a reminder to tread lightly: anything I say can and will likely be trivialized with a condescending response.

As you can imagine, my answer very rarely impresses my interlocutors; though, charitably, they will sometimes simply muster a smile, nod, and then wander off. Presumably, this is because they consider my academic choices (merit, and perhaps even future prospects) a definitively lost cause.

So, why did I choose Political Science? Simply put, I have an unequivocal love of school, and evidently, a genuine interest in political thought, theories, and practices. While I didn’t necessarily mean to choose Political Science when I first started my journey at Nipissing—in fact, I was enrolled in an entirely different program when it all began—I like to think that Political Science sort of chose me. I study Political Science because I love to learn, and I find myself continuously inspired by both my professors and my peers.

My intentions with this anecdote are to encourage you to pursue whatever it is that you may love, even if it is simply for the love of learning. The constant interrogations can sometimes be tiring, however, if you can persevere through that, you can certainly market the skills that you have worked so hard to perfect.

Amber W.