How not to arrive at procrastination Station

Every student puts things off for as long as possible. But here I am to write to you about how to avoid procrastination. Keep putting one foot in front of the other and before you know it that assignment will be done and perfect.

I have acquired a list of tips and tricks from talking with friends, as well as the handy Internet, to find the best tools to fight procrastination.

Tip 1: Make strict due dates for yourself
If a paper is due on a Monday, make the due date for you due for the Friday so you have time to spend with friends over the weekend or to edit if you need to.

Tip 2: Use a planner
I keep all my assignments for the semester and keep my work schedule in there too to alleviate stress and figure out when I’m free for fun activities.

Tip 3: Set reminders on your phone
For my blog posts I set reminders on my phone when they are due, so I am not procrastinating about getting them done and make sure I get them done in plenty of time before their due date 😉

Tip 4: Make a to-do list
Write down a schedule, but be specific: I want to accomplish this by this time.

Tip 5: Use apps to help you focus
Apps like “Cold Turkey” prevent you from using specific websites during the hours you program into it. If you get easily distracted with Facebook and or YouTube, plug these in and distractions (on your computer at least) shall be avoided.

Tip 6: Set rewards for yourself
While doing readings make sure you reward yourself after a specific chunk. This means that you get to reward yourself every time you get through a paragraph.

Tip 7: Break your goal into smaller pieces
If your paper is 6 pages, make your outline first then take a break, then go back later and add quotes and your running head and title page. This allows for you to still enjoy the assignment, but it makes it more manageable.

Tip 8: Change your environment
Do you get distracted easily when working at home? Move to the library, or a quiet place that works for you. This year my go-to study and homework place has been Tim Horton’s on McKeown. They are open late and have a constant pot of coffee on.

Tip 9: Self-Care
If you feel you have tried all of these things and are still struggling to focus, try a self-care technique that works for you. Whether its yoga, a walk, or A SINGLE episode on Netflix it will help you reclaim your focus and give you the motivation to finish this project you seem to be procrastinating on.

Hope these help as we head into the tough time in the semester, and if you need more assistance, contact Student Learning and Transitions or Student Accessibility Services in B210 and B211.

Talk to you next month
Emily 🙂