Actually Getting Work Done When on a Break

We have finally come to a point where we get another break in the semester. I’m not sure about you, but for me, these breaks come at the point where I’m ready to collapse and forget about reading and writing for a week and concentrate on having some semblance of a life once again.
However, I also have a problem: the horrible habit of leaving my work until the last minute and just praying that somehow I will actually be able to get work done when I’m at home while I try to convince myself I have all the time in the world. In all honesty I never do. Reading week is a waste on me for getting work and readings done, but my beauty sleep is spot on.

So this reading week I am presenting myself a challenge, to actually get work done. I am now in my second semester of my fourth year and getting ready to graduate, and I still haven’t really figured out the trick to this, but I am up for the challenge.

I just think about how nice it will be to have a bunch of work done over the break and avoid pulling my hair out on the night before classes start up again, completely freaked out about pulling an all-nighter.

Now I’m not saying you should use your entire week for nothing but work. It is a break after all, and you deserve some much-needed relaxation.
My action plan is to reserve 2 or 3 days to get all my work done. It is daunting, but here’s the catch, I put aside theses work days at the beginning of the break and if I don’t finish all my in that time period, I still have a little more time to do so. I can work for most of the day, and socialize in the afternoons and evenings, or the other way around.
It’s not a perfect solution or plan, but just keep reminding yourself that you can still get your sleep and socialization in without losing all your hair.