Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Getting from Point A to Point B

This time last year I would have been boarding my first Northland Bus from the downtown bus terminal in Toronto to return to school in the middle of a snowstorm. Not going to lie I was so upset with my mom for not driving me back to school because I was anxious about missing the bus or falling asleep and missing my stop.

Let me tell you that bus ride taught me a lot about how easy it was to get on the bus and travel back to school without having to have my parents drive 6 hours round trip.

When I first moved to North Bay I had no idea of any other way to go home then to get my parents to come and pick me up. But there are so many different ways to get from Point A to Point B:

Northland Bus – The Northland bus can pick you up at the Education Centre Thursday through Sunday or any day of the week from the main bus terminal located by the Northgate Mall. The bus travels both North and South on a regular schedule with morning and evening departures. The schedule and tickets are available at

Plane – For those students that live long distances from the school, taking a plane may be the solution to avoiding long car rides to and from school. As my roommate says, you have to plan out your trip well ahead in order to save money because we all know plane tickets can be very expensive, although very time saving. AirCanada flies in and out of North Bay for those of you who need to travel a long, long distance.

Automobile – For those of you who would rather travel by a car you can use the carpool Facebook group for Nipissing and Canadore that aids in finding someone else who may be travelling in the same direction as you looking for a co-pilot. The Facebook group can be found under Nipissing U/Canadore- Carpools & Rideshare. If that isn’t your thing I suggest asking friends who may know of anyone who may be travelling in your direction or from your direction who has a car. I’ve travelled home with other nursing students as well as friends I’ve made who live around my hometown.

For those of you travelling home this weekend to get some family time and studying done, safe travels.