Essential Oil Recommendations

The time I received my essential oil diffuser was a time that changed my life forevermore. Essential oils are natural or mixed oils with strong scents that provide advantages to a person or their home. Personally I enjoy using essential oils for relaxing, easing anxiety, focusing, clearing my mind, etc. You can buy them at, amazon, winners or greenearth. There are dozens of different essential oils! The ones I find myself using frequently include lavender, peppermint, and lemon!

Lavender – There are a variety of beneficial health uses for lavender. Some of these benefits include inducing sleep, relieving anxiety and stress, treats acne, stimulates urine flow, aids in digestion, and provides hair care to name a few. Not to forget that lavender smells really good! It’s a great starter for essential oils and is one of the most used ones.

Peppermint – Peppermint is another essential oil that has many benefits to it as well. Some benefits include improving digestion by adding drops to water, dental care, nail care, relieving headaches, reducing stress, and boosts immunity. Peppermint adds a fresh aroma to the room and can be very refreshing.

Lemon – Lemon oil is very calming and has a pleasant taste as many people put lemon oil in their drinks. A couple benefits include skin care, relieving stress, boosts immune system, regulates sleep, weight loss, and reduces fever. Lemon is also very refreshing and a common oil that’s used by many

I highly recommend trying out essential oils. You never know what may work for you or what you will like. They’re a great way to add a scent to your room without lighting a candle and they’re residence-friendly! It’s a one time cost, just add water and a couple drops of oil to spread the smell.