I am pursuing a minor in sociology which I have no regrets about taking. I always get so glad when I tell people I am so close to finishing my degree in Child and Family Studies with a sociology minor. I believe sociology would be great to minor in because there are so many graduate opportunities to get into such as teaching, law school, or social work. In sociology I learned about social interactions and relationships between smaller and larger groups of people. I spelled the title “Social-ology” on purpose, to help you realize that sociology is revolved around everything social such as social world, social realities, social culture, social beliefs, social issues, social lifestyle, social relationships, social class, social causes, social forces, social work, social change, social justice, social behaviour, and more. If you want to learn about relationships, education, aging population, and cultural diversity than you should consider taking sociology classes. My friendships have improved since I have taken sociology courses because I am better able to socialize. I have gained a strong critical understanding of the social world. Since taking sociology class, I do not feel so isolated and I am more accepting of diversity.

I love my sociology classes because I get to learn about different cultures. I had the opportunity to learn about many social pressing problems such as discrimination and learned if there are any solutions that are helpful to fix issues. The sociology textbooks and articles I have been assigned to read are also very informative. In some of my sociology classes there were class group presentations, which I loved taking a part of. I like to work in groups. My favourite part of sociology is learning about how norms, laws, and biases impact the way we live.

There are certain sociology courses offered at Nipissing that are very popular. The professors that teach sociology are very welcoming, caring, and they went to see students succeed. Most of the sociology professors I have had stayed after class to answer any lecture questions I was unclear about. I think my smallest class size was when I took a sociology course in Women and Age, which had about twelve students. I love all my sociology courses that I am taking this winter semester. I learned about challenging social inequalities and it made me question how I can make the world a safe place to live in. In sociology classes I learned to challenge and question the social world.

I believe any minor you choose always looks good on a resume because it can show future employers what you are interested in. Also, I believe having a minor in anything is almost as good as an additional qualification. Nipissing University offers a lot of sociology courses and some might also be offered in the summer on campus and through distance learning.  I am really fascinated by sociology so that is the reason I am doing a minor in it. Remember when you apply to graduate you need to declare your minor.

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